KILL WEST from Buenos Aires in Argentina is the drone quintet of Nicolas Miele (Drums), Mariano Miele (Keys), Martin Valentini (Guitar), Franco Beceiro (Guitar / Vocals) and Joel Menazzi (Bass).

KILL WEST - drone from Argentina


The reverb shakes the walls as KILL WEST bring together surf rock, giving a sense of rapidity, with doom strings and layers of echo which gives the out-put a feeling of submerged fuzz. The keys allow the quintet to give the music yet another depth of transmission in which the listener can allow psychedelic imagery to flow around the brain.

KILL WEST produce music which rattles the bones, whilst massaging the head and is their ability to do both at the same time, without losing and sense of cohesion that gives the tracks their intrigue. Although none of the pieces run to much over four and a half minutes, given the sheer weight of textures which slow down the synapses, there is a sense of time slowing.

This is material best taken in large quaffs as a continual line of sound allows the audience to immerse themselves into a vortex of drifting thoughts.

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