lauren.napier – Horizons Of Happenstance – Audio

Currently based in Germany – lauren.napier is a brooding-folk creator.



Taking reference points from her home country of the USA –  lauren.napier reinterprets those influences within her surrounding environment to the accompaniment of a black cat named SAMO. As longer stay readers of the site will know I write these reviews with Gnotti – a ten year old Pekingese contemplating the music, or doing his best to ignore the volume, both audibly and numerically, surfacing through the speakers.

Though for reasons other than we both have animals next to us who make references to what we are doing at the time – the latest track to surface Horizons Of Happenstance (available on bandcamp) that came out on the 2nd is a singular interpretation of Country and Western manifests and showcases the impressive vocal and bewitching setting from which Lauren launches all of her material in its various guises.


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A Conversation With…. Bandintexas

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Bandintexas talking about not having sex with your bandmates, name changes, a challenge to a SXSW play-off and more….

An Interview With... Bandintexas

An Interview With… Bandintexas

A full band review will be published on the 21st, but what better way to get to find out about Bandintexas other than a conversation.

For the interview all four members – Sophie, Jackie, Lauren and Kelly took the time out to talk about the ups and downs of life as an emerging band.

The ABCD-EP – Bandintexas is available on iTunes*.

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