Voluptas Mors – Can’t You See – Audio

The Spanish triphop duo from Spain, Voluptas Mors, released the LP Intelligence on the 13th.

Voluptas Mors - Can't You See

Voluptas Mors

In similar vein to their last LP Innocence, in Intelligence (available on bandcamp) switches around vocals, though with more of Laura singing than Ramon and with the compositions being of deeper resonance and complexity it provides the overall feel an album of sultry allure, with the audience finding themselves slinking their torso with the undulating beats.

The middle track is Can’t You See.

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Rose Redd

Rose Redd – from Essington in England is the alt-indie line-up of Rose Redd (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Sammy (Bass), Meg Burke (Lead guitar), Laura (Keyboard) and David Johnson (Drums).

Rose Redd - alt-indie from England

Rose Redd

Rose Redd is another UK indie band utilising synths to enhance the depth and range of the tracks as they provide the audience with compositions which glide around the room in layers of temperament.

The combination of two guitars affords the quintet the space to allow melodies to rise to the surface, without becoming overpowering features, with the percussion / bass maintaining a progression as the synth imbues a context to the proceedings and holding the varying forces together is a scintillating vocal, which in combination, makes this relatively new out-fit a sound to get to know.

Still finding their feet as a quintet – the compositions, which are written by Rose,  have predominately been drawn from life as a solo creator and reformed for a band and it will be interesting to hear how far the future song-writing can travel as a unit and songs become written specifically for a full band.

A recent EP –  The Healing is a fine starting point and I hope the transition works as this indicates it has the potential to progress.


The Healing EP – Rose Redd is available on iTunes*

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