Late TV – Great Gulfs – Single Review

It was back in October 2017 that the jazz-funk sextet of Luke Novak, Matthew Halsall, Richard Bowman, Evesham Nicholas, Martin and Ryan SzanyiLate TV – based in London (England) – last featured. In February they will be releasing the single Great Gulfs.

Late TV - Great Gulfs
Late TV

Great Gulfs finds the band in mellowed mood in a track that winds gently though the room as though borne on fluffy pillows and initially invites the listener to step shoulder to shoulder with a partner, though as the song develops so the embrace becomes ever more tenderly close.

The retrospective melody of the track, which glides elegantly through the room, wraps the audience in a sense of warm, cushioned serenity towards the world around.

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Late TV – Citizen – Video

Late TV is an England based jazz-funk sextet.

Late TV

Late TV

The latest single to be released Citizen is a decent introduction to an outfit who deliver a sound that is able to unify audiences with different musical tastes including those who may initially contemplate jazz as ‘not their thing’.

The swaggering jazz is tempered by funky hip-dips delivered in an easy to engage tempo and as the track develops so the listeners discover themselves becoming more fully engaged.

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