Cherokee Death Cats – Read My Lips – Single Review

The Swedish new-wave duo Cherokee Death Cats revealed their latest track a few days ago.

Cherokee Death Cats

Cherokee Death Cats

Akin to releasing the steam-valve on a pressure cooker; On hitting play Read My Lips hisses clouds of condensing water that drips over the listener as the electro-beat pulses unerringly in wide loops to the accompaniment of the distinctive vocals of Bea Persson (LaDiDa and Ricket) which is delivered in a fuzzy cloud of garage reverberations, as the listener swivels from the hips on the dance-floor.

The unification of computer driven tick-tock with sprawling vocal echoing inside itself gives the three minutes and six seconds song – something that needs to be put on to immediate loop with the audience looking for an extended 12″ version to equally enjoy.

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LaDiDa – You Got It – Video

Within the past couple of hours the Swedish alt-rock band LaDiDa alerted me to a brand new song…

LaDiDa - You Got It

LaDiDa – You Got It

You Got It – requests only that your hips and knees are in snaking mood as the bustle of percussion and bass tremble the walls akin to a quickie outside the pub, whilst guitar plays the part of the Peeping Tom furtively glancing over the shoulders as vocal attracts the Doggers from miles around and before you know it – what was a quiet tryst has become a full on showcase being streamed live across the internet.

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Riket – Lost My love – Single Review

The Swedish dark-folk duo Riket revealed the track Lost My Love less than ten hours ago.



Those of sharper ears may think you recognise one part of the duet of voices as being the distinctive sound of Bea from LaDiDa and you would be right –  amongst other projects Bea teams up with Jennifer Lander to form the darkened sounds of Riket.

There is a mystical beauty in the resonance of the just under four minute track which finds the listener seeking the cloak of Gothic Architecture in which to fully enjoy Lost My Love.

I am looking forward to hearing more during the course of 2017 and word arrives of thoughts of an EP on distant wings.

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LaDiDa – I Want It – Video

LaDiDa, the Swedish alt-rock band released their latest single at the end of last month…

LaDiDa - I Want It


…along with a video for I Want It.

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