Fick As Fieves – Label Us – Single Review

The English angst-indie trio Fick As Fieves are planning to reveal a new track on the 28th.

Fick As Fieves - photo credit - @jonathandadds

Fick As Fieves – photo credit – @jonathandadds

Within the past few minutes – in advance – a video for Label Us.

Currently working on plenty of new material after a hiatus with university study and lives not quite matching – in 2017 Fick As Fieves are looking set fair.

Crank up the volume and kick the speakers to clear out any dust, just to make sure, make yourself space to dance, only then, allow Label Us in the room – as drumsticks, that you feel are necessarily part of a juggling act, such does the tautness of skin to rim – mesmerise.

However there is more than just Richard on drums,  as bass and guitar slink through the speakers with generous courtesy, allowing the swarming echoed vocal to smear through the ears. Enabling Fick As Fieves to deliver a track, though less than two and a half minutes in length, that has much to discover with their perspectives of the world around where abandoned hopes which don’t meet others expectations lay tattered by the roadside, with palpable sense of regret, in a song that raises an siren call that nonconformity far from being an affliction is a triumphant space of valediction.

I look forward to discovering more of the new lease of life for the trio.


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