Dead Sullivan – Kyle – Audio

The US lofi summerhaze project Dead Sullivan will be releasing the LP Season on the 20th of July.

Dead Sullivan - painting by Madeline Crisman

Dead Sullivan – painting by Madeline Crisman

The first track to be revealed from the album (available on bandcamp) which is the third of the dozen – Kyle – marks a lengthy sequence of emails drawn out purely by my notoriously poor administration, for which you, if a longer stayed reader of the site are, sadly, becoming inured – but finally somehow they have aligned today with the new song surfacing.

The combinations of sadcore and lofidelity affords the track a tincture, much akin to a warm shower of rain on a humid summers day – when although not a zinging cool draught, is still a refreshing slough of the oppressive heat, which leaves the listener in reflective mood whilst succoured by the building bulbous droplets of water dripping from overhead shelter.

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KYLE – The Juice Part III – Audio

The US maths-rock project KYLE released the three track single The Juice on the 10th.



Split more in to movements than distinctive tracks the roughly twenty five minute single, slices through the room in sparking guitar combinations that dart across the ears akin to watching a meteor shower with various phrases sheering from each other – burning brightly and as suddenly disappearing – only to be immediately replaced by another trajectory, whilst energised bass and synth shimmer in continual pulses as percussion sets out the framework for the compositions.

From the three elements of the release (available on bandcamp) – the closer The Juice Part III.

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Our Lady

Our Lady is the four piece emo outfit of Molli (Cello), Tim (Vocals / Guitar), Kyle (Drums) and Matt (Bass) from Springfield in the USA.

Our Lady - emo from the USA

Our Lady

Through introducing a cello Our Lady is able to create music which is full of mystery and melody as the slightly ghostly sounds float around the room accompanied by a disjointed vocal accompaniment. The highly charged out-put is wrapped in angst as the band seek to explore the angsts of daily life.

The quartet spend much of their energy in live performance and I would expect these would be suitably emotional experiences for both Our Lady and the audience. Whilst there is a certain sense of suspense in the music, it is equally accessible enough for those not completely sold on the genre, as the content is audible and runs in context, creating sounds which have the potential to appeal to fans of broader alternative indie rock.

Whilst this wont be sitting on my everyday playlist, there is certainly space to add Our Lady to the music collection as they are able to deliver material which has an attractive creativity about it and I am particularly smitten by the use of the Cello to create music with a difference.


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