B R E N D A is the garage rock quintet of Matt Horne, Brenda Mahler, Colleen Doyle, Kyle McCoy and Chris Lee from Louisville, in the USA.

B R E N D A - garage-rock from the USA


Formed earlier this year B R E N D A have hit the ground running with the release of their eponymous EP (which is available on bandcamp) last month and a developing roster of live performances. They are deservedly creating considerable local enthusiasm and there is no reason this can’t be replicated globally with their well put together sound.

The guitars sweep around the room in grainy fuzz, whilst the percussion and bass rumble contentedly, to which vocals wind a cloth of melancholia. B R E N D A  is able to combine sounds which filter through heavy mesh, with a clarity of purpose that captures the attention of the audience keeping them engaged in what is coming next. Rather than attempting to flood the ears with a flurry of chords, the band play sparse notes and open tempo beats allowing the echoes and reverb to fill the gaps, giving the material the space to breathe and providing the listener with more for the very fact of less.

B R E N D A  is a band who have much to add to the world of music and I am pleased to be able to get to share them with you at the start of what should be a fun ride for everyone concerned.

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