Kramies – I Wish I Missed You – Video

The US based melancholic-alt-folk creator Kramies is working on a new LP.

Kramies - I Wish I Missed You - artwork

Kramies – I Wish I Missed You – artwork

Whilst in Ireland writing new songs for the album Kramies also found inspiration in the surrounding area to write a series of tracks which will not be on the LP – one of which I Wish I Missed You (available on bandcamp) was released on the 27th of October.

A drifting mist of sadness shrouds the listener in the reflective composition.

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Kramies & Alma Forrer – Into The Sparks – Audio

The French chanson creator Alma Forrer and US based avant-garde musician Kramies release the dream-folk two track single Into The Sparks today.

Kramies & Alma Forrer

Kramies & Alma Forrer

The single consists of an acoustic version and a full version of Into The Sparks (available on bandcamp). Whilst Kramies has often featured on the site this is the first time I have had the opportunity to hear Alma Forrer and listening to her compositions is time well spent (also available on bandcamp).

The calmly paced track circles around the room akin to an eagle gliding on thermals and the combinations of voices hold the listener entranced as the subtle electronic hum flows imperceptibly through the four and a quarter minutes of the full version, whilst acoustic guitar flecks dappled shapes to the composition.

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Kramies – Ireland – Audio

The US dark-acoustic creator Kramies releases the EP forêts antiques on the 28th.

Kramies - Ireland


forêts antiques is a live recording of five songs from a performance at The Grand Théâtre in Angers (France) earlier this year. A venue given the acoustics on the recording that is worth visiting.

The middle track, at the time of recording had no name – now named Ireland, is a haunting melancholic track that extends for approaching seven minutes. Kramies delivers a mesmerising performance which relies on inflections of the voice and subtle volume and tempo changes, for it to work, as it it laid to bare chord structure.

To my mind seven minutes worth more than one repeat as Ireland will find your mind captivated by the intensity of the performance which is best received with no sharp objects laying around.

forêts antiques is available on bandcamp.

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Kramies – The Fate That Never Favored Us – Audio

The US based avant-garde musician Kramies – originally from The Netherlands is heading off to France for a short tour this month.



To support the series of gigs a new song has surfaced – The Fate That Never Favored Us.

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Kramies based in Colorado in the USA is an Avant-garde solo performer Kramies Windt.

Kramies - singular music from The USA


Combining electronics and instrumental Kramies delivers a sound which washes over the ears like suds of soap. Somewhat experimental, the sounds are delivered within the edges of the envelope and traverse a path of connected points, allowing the listener to settle back and enjoy.

The fusion of synthesised sounds and acoustic guitar enables Kramies to deliver an out-put which has the listener holding on to the entrails to be buffeted in a combination of the cognizable and the futuristic. Whilst that may sound as-though it may be a self-indulgence the material offers more than self adulation as the ears are captivated by the constructs which offer familiarity and newness.

There is a reason why you read the website and it isn’t because I find the mainstream bands of tomorrow, rather ponder the musicians you may not otherwise hear. I thank you for allowing me to indulge your ears with music of the underground which adds a scintilla to the day and Kramies suit the brief like a well fitting glove. Ever to be obscure, but the world is a better place for it.


The Wooden Heart – EP – Kramies is available on iTunes

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