Kooba Tercu

Kooba Tercu from Athens in Greece is the experimental-rock sextet of John Tercu (Vocals), Kostantinos (Guitar), Voltas (Percussion), Philip (Drums), Mits (Synth) and Kosmas (Bass).

Kooba Tercu - Experimental rock from Greece

Kooba Tercu

Taking tried and trusted progression of rock tracks Kooba Tercu inject a seam of acid to the core, filling the frothing spaces with dark industrial influences, giving the resulting out-put a stark and gloomy presence that permeates the room. Whilst somewhat experimental the sound doesn’t veer off the edge of the page and the listener is able to discern a direction of travel.

Kooba Tercu express the uncertainties and societal disconnect across much of the world, giving the material absolute relevance to the ’10s.  The electronics allow the sextet to take the music far further into the exploration of these considerations than would be the case with standard rock instrumentation and they combine the various elements in music that seems to absorb the brains thinking patterns and drawing the mind into the sounds.

An eponymous LP was released last month, which is available on bandcamp with provides just under forty minutes of creativity and is worth spending the time with to get to know Kooba Tercu.

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