New Year Ninety 2017 – 80 to 71

As is often the case some of those in the chart are no longer playing – but I would like to thank all musicians, whether sending me through material or ever being featured for doing what you do and making the world a better place.

80 to 71 in the New Year Ninety.

Until April - New Year Ninety 2017

Until April

80. Jonathan (Croatia)

Bliss is available on bandcamp

79. Until April (Ireland)

78. For Tracy Hyde (Japan)

Film Bleu – For Tracy Hyde is available on iTunes.*

77. Caitlin Glennon (USA)

Separate Grooves – Caitlin Glennon is available on iTunes.*

76. Apes (Australia)

Helluva – EP – APES is available on iTunes.*.

75. March (Netherlands)

Stay Put is available on bandcamp

74. énée (France)

Tricky World – Enee is available on iTunes.*

73. The Blue Collars (England)

Happy Pills – Single – The Blue Collars is available on iTunes.*

72. Kjartan Bue (Denmark)

71. Snowball ii (USA)

? – Snowball II is available on iTunes.*

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Kjartan Bue – I’ll Talk It Over With Mommy – Audio

Kjartan Bue is a Danish experimental-folk musician.

Kjartan Bue

Kjartan Bue

There are times when a Sunday needs a spike in it to give zest to the day and the just over three and a half minutes of I’ll Talk It Over With Mommy, which was made available a few hours ago, is just the ticket.

Country-Blues is torn asunder as Kjartan Bue slices through the chords with clashes of tinkling glass as though frenetically chopping wood whilst the vocal threads like a rabid wolf faced with a bowl of water. I’ll Talk It Over With Mommy is not a track to play if you are still suffering from a Saturday night hangover, but once you have recovered it will kick-start the day.

With a fairly regular live performance schedule Kjartan Bue can often be heard across much of Denmark, for those of us not so local, there are words of an EP in the process of being finalised.

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