King Catcher – The One Who Makes It Real – Audio

The English downtempo duo King Catcher revealed their latest track within the past hour.

King Catcher - The One Who Makes It Real

King Catcher

A very different pulse emerges from the speakers in The One Who Makes It Real as King Catcher move away from their more familiar nu-disco soundtrack.

There is a sadness to the song with the minor chords of piano playing quietly as the backdrop of slowly pacing electronica and melancholic vocal in a track that has a retrospective sense of ’70s US mellow-rock in the flow.

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King Catcher – Golden Planchette – Audio

The English nu-disco duo King Catcher have surfaced with a new track.

King Catcher - Golden Planchette

King Catcher

Golden Planchette features their signature pivoting electronica which gives the material its sense of joint articulation and pulls the listener closer to the speakers.

With a growing list of stand alone singles behind them, I am hoping King Catcher will soon reveal a collection of songs in one release as this is music which is best enjoyed whilst snaking hips under strobed lights in extended play.

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King Catcher – The Laundry – Single Review

The English nu-disco duo King Catcher released the single The Laundry in the past few hours.

King Catcher - The Laundry

King Catcher

The softly punctuated synths that drift out of the speakers perfectly counteract, what over here in the UK is, a wet and miserable Thursday as thoughts start to head towards plans for the weekend.

King Catcher have a subtlety of delivery in The Laundry that captures the imagination as the analogue synths are allowed to glow in the warmth of their own valves, complemented by an equally softly brushing vocal while a persistent understated beat flutters its way in to the heart and despite the chill-outside the day has taken on a comfortable ambience despite, or perhaps because of, the melancholic context.

The Laundry – King Catcher is available on iTunes.*

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King Catcher – Walking On The Edge Of The Light – Single Review

King Catcher is a nu-disco duo from England.

King Catcher

King Catcher

If you were looking for a reason to refresh memory on the steps to dancing the Hustle and a reason to pull out the glitter King Catcher are the answer.

Walking On The Edge Of The Light evokes of neon lights and flashing dance-floors with its funky dips and sashays, but the duo have done more than fluff down the old and despite the retro-reference points they deliver a sound that is less garish, finding a new iteration which finds itself as welcome in Berghain as it does at a diamond wedding anniversary party.

King Catcher deliver music that simultaneously is as cutting edge club-night as it is sedative for insomnia and even if you are absolutely convinced that EDM will never work for you – I posit giving Walking On The Edge Of The Light a spin will find even those of you who are, like me, of most jaded cynicism and trenchant view – discovering hips involuntarily swaying with the brushes.


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