Kill Your Boyfriend – Man 4 – Audio

The Italian dark-electro duo Kill Your Boyfriend release the EP Ghosts on the 9th of December.

Kill Your Boyfriend - photo credit - Giulia Callino

Kill Your Boyfriend – photo credit – Giulia Callino

The third of the four tracks Man 4 (available on bandcamp) is of less panic stricken nature than much of their material previous, though looses none of its brooding presence for the lack of it. The electronica tumbles from the ceiling prior to seeping in to the corners of the room.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 80 to 71

My thanks to all the bands who create music as without you none of this website would be possible. Keep making the world a better place. As is always the nature of the New Year Ninety and Emerging Indie Bands, many of the bands featured no longer exist, though their legacy remains.

The New Year Ninety 2016 –  Eighty to Seventy One.

Hell Oh! - New Year Ninety 2016

Hell Oh!

80. Fine Animal (USA)

Before the Glow – Fine Animal is available on iTunes.*

79. Kill Your Boyfriend (Italy)

Isaac / Nicolas – Single – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

78. Good Morning Finch (Sicily)

Gemini – Good Morning Finch is available on iTunes.*

77. Viola Beach (England)

76. Maybe The Welders (USA)

Depth of My Love – Single – Maybe the Welders is available on iTunes.*

75. Hell Oh! (Brazil)

We’ve Got Nothing to Say but a Song – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

74. Even In Arcadia (Scotland)

Blue Prints – Single – Even in Arcadia is available on iTunes.*

73, Dioni (Greece / Australia)

Dioni – EP – Dioni is available on iTunes.*

72. The Circus Ship (Scotland)

71. Nervous Germans (Germany)

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Kill Your Boyfriend – Rudolph – Video

Kill Your Boyfriend is a dark-rock band from Italy.

Kill Your Boyfriend - Rudolph

Kill Your Boyfriend

Since being introduced earlier this year Kill Your Boyfriend have released the LP The King Is Dead.

The last of the ten tracks – Rudolph is precisely of the style as brooding tempestuous bass is joined by even darker synths which spread their way around the room in menacing smears as the vocal half chants like a deranged stalker mumbling in the shadows.

As mentioned in their initial introduction when I had been given the opportunity to hear half of King Is Dead it sounded as though it was a ‘must’ – now the full album is around – it most certainly is an acquisition worth adding to the collection.

The King Is Dead – Kill Your Boyfriend is available on iTunes.*

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