Obedient Wives Club

Obedient Wives Club from Singapore is the fuzzgaze quintet of YinQi Lee (Vocals), Keith Tan (Lead Guitar), Cherie Ko (Rhythm Guitar), Sulaiman Supian (Bass) and Lennat Mak (Drums).

Obedient Wives Club - fuzzgaze from Singapore

Obedient Wives Club – photo: Aloysius Lim

There are those occasional Eureka moments when you discover what has been missing all your life and Obedient Wives Club is a case in point. At the risk of sounding like a red-top sub-editor – Sassy, Sexy, Sultry.

Having undergone a slight transition in sound from lo-fi production of their debut EP in 2012 to a fuller evocation the quintet deliver music you in to which you just want to melt. Influences of the ’60s are inveigled with lynchiesque moments and topped with a dose of indie-pop – what is there not to enjoy? I am reminded of the old Minstrels adverts – melts in your mouth not your hand – as Obedient Wives Club take the basic premise and wash it with reflective translucence that captivates the brain.

Already capturing hearts and minds in the South Eastern Asian region, Obedient Wives Club is a band that a wider world needs to get to know to find out just what is missing from their lives.


Murder Kill Baby – EP – Obedient Wives Club is available on iTunes*.

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