Mad Orange Fireworks

Mad Orange Fireworks a blues rock band from Bangalore in India is Michael Dias (Vocals / Guitars), Ramanan Chandramouli (Guitars/Vocals), Kaushik Kumar (Bass / Vocals) and Deepak Raghu (Drums).

Mad Orange Fireworks - blues rock from India

Mad Orange Fireworks

The easy interaction between the players and when on stage with their audience enables Mad Orange Fireworks to deliver guitar led rock which raises a smile. The more recent transition from a three piece to the current line-up has resulted in their output gaining far greater texture, whilst not loosing the free expressions which are the hallmark of their live work.

Mad Orange Fireworks signature being the exploratory, inquisitive, guitars which intoxicate audiences. When a band has complete confidence in their out-put it is immediately evident to the listener, nothing is forced or over emphasised, permitting the ears to enjoy the sounds without ever having that grating feeling of ‘this is a band trying too hard’.  A fanatical live audience greets the quartet when they take to the stage and although that connection of energy can never be replicated on a Studio recording, the players are able to forge a connection through the distance.

Never a genre to sit on my ‘must play this today’ playlist, Mad Orange Fireworks comfortably settle in the ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but definitely worth another spin’.


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