Vånna Inget

Vånna Inget is Karolina (Vocals), Tommy (Guitar), Andréas (Drums), Joel (Keys) and Niklas (Bass) an alt-indie outfit originally from Småland in Sweden, now based in Malmö.

Vånna Inget - alt indie from Sweden

Vånna Inget

Driving indie rock is diffused with the surprising introduction of electronic organ, which lends a gothic feel to the sounds produced by Vånna Inget. Maintaining a forceful progression the songs are given added added texture with the keys that whirl around almost like whisps of smoke inside the tracks.

A distinctive voice makes for a defining sound to Vånna Inget as the music marches forward inside tightly laid percussion and a swooping bass is given pride of place as the lighter guitar plays a lattice to the lower registers. A new LP, their second – the eleven track Ingen Botten was released in Sweden on the 25th October and will be more broadly available on the 1st November.

I particularly enjoy the swooping architecture of the electronic organ that lends Vånna Inget a very marked space and enables the quintet the ability to discover new and engaging spaces in which to deliver the sounds that soar through the room. It is perhaps their earlier life spent in the very Lutherian / Free Church region of Småland that first gave them the idea to include this instrument, regardless of where the idea came from – it is a superb addition.

There is much to enjoy here and I look forward to hearing more of Vånna Inget in the future.


Ingen Botten – Vånna Inget is available on iTunes*

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