Copilots, from Mission, British Columbia, in Canada is the gloom-rock quintet of Skye Brooks (Vocals / Guitar), Pete Schmitt (Bass / Vocals), Cole Schmidt (Guitar), Karma Sohn (Keyboards / Vocals) and Dylan Smith (Drums).

Copilots - gloom-rock from Canada


Underpinning the material of Copilots is a brooding darkness which the synths spread around the room like decaying moss, to which the two guitars provide an Épée Coulé, as all twelve strings feint across each other. The bass and percussion further enhance this mood of melancholia keeping point score as the vocal floats gracefully like a bird of prey scanning the ground – wings stretched on a thermal.

This is not music to take out of the box at a twenty-first birthday party, rather to bring out on a damp, misty pre-dawn with plenty of time to spare to sink in to the cloisters of Copilots. Having been around a few years now the quintet are able to seamlessly thread their ideas and instrumentation to afford the audience with impressively delivered compositions that evoke of emotion and sadness, without ever becoming introspective self-communication.

If you enjoy music with an oppressive cloak, Copilots are well worth taking time to spend to get to know, if you don’t – then you may well find you do after giving their music an airing.


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