The Gallerist

The Gallerist is the folk-rock trio of Mike Collins (Vocals /Guitar / Banjo / Harmonica), John Holback (Drums / Vocals) and Kai Carter (Bass /  Vocals) from Philadelphia in the USA.

The Gallerist - folk-rock from the USA

The Gallerist

For moments of reflective contemplation The Gallerist produce a serene back-drop with a vocal that breaks with tremulous emotional expressiveness. The empathetic music lays as a cradle for the audience to lay their head. Without complicating the sounds the trio are able to convey the sentiments of the music, without ever becoming claggy.

It always amazes me, I am sure as it does you too, when I find myself enjoying music that fits into a genre, which instinctively finds me curling my ears, but that is the joy of being a music reviewer.  With an assurance that every introduction will be heard I find myself exploring all sorts of things I wouldn’t in the regular course of the day give a moments thought and as within every style of music, there are gems that rise above the tensions, to provide sounds that need to be shared with a wider audience and The Gallerist tick everyone of those boxes.

Recorded material is far apart, with a début LP A Falling Waltz being released in 2011 and not until last month did a follow-up, the five track Twine, appear.

My summation – put away any preconceptions and enjoy some well composed and delivered music courtesy of The Gallerist.

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