The Inky Depths

The Inky Depths is Adrian Woodward (Vocals / Guitar), Leo Sutherland (Drums) and James Lewis (Bass) an Indie band from London in England.

The Inky Depths - indie rock from England

The Inky Depths

Welcome to The Inky Depths, who have a decent sound hidden under the nutshell and so we find their new thirteen track LP set for release at the end of the month – Just A Phase.

Inside the creativity, there is a lack of self belief I feel, which in my opinion has held them back these past few years, as the music which harks back to ’60s rock has plenty to engage the listener.

I am delighted they took the time to reach out to me and it is a pleasure to proffer to you, the arbiters of music, a band who prefaced an email with ‘I’m writing to tell you about about by my band, The Inky Depths, which may be vaguely appropriate for you to feature.’ Now, much as I lambaste arrogance, deference bothers me too. I am merely a writer of reviews and these guys do all the hard work. My thanks, as always are extended to the creators of music, making the world a better place in which to live.

My thoughts – well worth a moment of your time – and please support them on their Facebook Page and I assure you the 13 track release, which I am unable to share at present is a delight of fanciful rock ‘n’ roll and heart felt soul.

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