New Year Ninety 2018 – 20 to 11

Reaching the final rundown of the New Year Ninety 2018 – from 20 to 11.

Junior Bill - New Year Ninety 2018

Junior Bill

20. Erica Dawson ( USA)

19. Approaching Black & White (USA)

18. Proxy Love (England)

Oh My Love (Look at the Mess We’ve Made) is available on bandcamp.

17. Junior Bill (based in Wales)

Above Your Station – Junior Bill is available on iTunes.*

16. Leah Lawson (USA)

Sheets is available on bandcamp.

15. Mothra Stewart (USA)

God Is a Surfer/ Cosmic Coincidence – Single – Mothra Stewart is available on iTunes.*

14. Mosquito Cabaret (USA)

13. Cavalcade (England)

Silver Bones – Single – Cavalcade is available on iTunes.*

12. Locks (based in England)

Rattle Them Bones – EP – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

11. Something To Do (USA)

Tina Fey II / Hotline Bling is available on bandcamp.

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Junior Bill – The Butetown RATS – Audio

The Wales based roots quintet Junior Bill release the live recorded LP Above Your Station on the 23rd of October.

Junior Bill - photo by Gareth Edwards

Junior Bill – photo by Gareth Edwards

Bringing a warm humour to their baleful glance at the world around Junior Bill deliver music that is steeped in ska, reggae and Latin, which is best heard in company with others as they spread a warmth through the room.

From the forthcoming album The Butetown RATS.

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Junior Bill & The Scallies

Junior Bill & The Scallies from Cardiff in Wales in the ska-hop quintet of Junior Bill (Vocals / Guitar), L-Hyo (Vocals), Joel Beswick (Keyboards), Rory Saunders (Bass) and John Whittles (Drums).

Junior Bill & The Scallies - Ska-Hop from Wales

Junior Bill & The Scallies

Junior Bill & The Scallies deliver bounding music which skips happily around the room. The keys are given wide run-out which lightens the tone of the sound, as the bass is given more of a background effect than may be usually anticipated. The joy of the off-beat is not lost however as the quintet add their own stamp on the style and where appropriate they can pulse the bass as well as anyone.

With a catalogue dating back to 2013 Junior Bill & The Scallies have become more confident over the years in their reflections, which has enabled them to take the music to even broader reference points. The resulting out-put ensuring the audience remains invested in each composition, to find out where they are stepping next, with tracks one moment heavily influenced by hip-hop, the next dub reggae along with other flecks of taste such as rap or samba-funk. Whichever way the material is cut, the ears remain enthralled.

Playing live performance predominately in Wales and the West of England, I hope they gain further traction across more of the UK as well as finding space to play to international audiences as this is music that works without borders. Until such time as they pass your doorstep, the releases, most recently Som Do Brasil, are well worth adding to the ‘reggae mood’ collection.

Inevitably, having mentioned how bass can be softened, I have chosen a track with an enhanced four string as the showcase track.

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Som Do Brasil – Junior Bill & the Scallies is available on iTunes.*

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