Suns Of Static

Brandon Taylor (Vocals),  BiL Cassidy (Guitar),  Darrin McMillan (Bass), Jordan Bulhoes (Drums) and John Callahan (Guitar) from Kingston in Canada combine to make up Suns Of Static.

Suns Of Static - Rock from Canada

Suns Of Static

Blistering guitars burst into the room as Suns Of Static punch their way through the walls with pace and precision. A few years under their belt it is something of a surprise they are not far better known as their material is of top quality and they are doing all the right things, but such are the vagaries of the music industry.

The voluminous textures that Suns Of Static create give the listener plenty of spaces to explore as the players bounce off each other and like synchronised swimmers all seems to be in unison then suddenly a flash of inspirational leap raises the bar higher. The band delivers well structured material which whether they are in statement anthems or all out rock mode exudes an underlying thump to the ears.

A new LP came out just a few days ago – 24th May –  the eleven track – Rise – which is a magnificently crafted set of music that takes the brain through a mesmeric journey.


Rise – Suns Of Static is available on iTunes*

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