New Year Ninety 2015 – 10 to 2

Starting the top ten of the New Year Ninety 2015 – from 10 to 2 ….

I wish you all the best for 2015 and do enjoy it, whatever you do with it.

Tim Whale

The Editor

10. Blaire Alise & The Bombshells (USA)

For My Darlin’ – Blaire Alise & The Bombshells is available on iTunes.*

9. Little Bastard (Australia)

Little Bastard – Little Bastard is available on iTunes.*

8. Spit Shake Sisters (England)

7. Vizija (Macedonia)

6. Tiger Love (England)

Pussy Cocaine – Single – Tiger Love is available on iTunes.*

5. The Hertz Complex (England)

A New Habit – EP – The Hertz Complex is available on iTunes.*

4. Jonathan (Croatia)

3. LaDiDa (Sweden)

Ladida – Ladida is available on iTunes.*

2. Thee Open Sex (USA)

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Jonathan from Rijeka in Croatia is the indie rock quintet of Zoran Badurina Ziro (Vocals), Branko Kovačić Husta (Drums), Nikica Jurjević Nixon (Bass), Darko Petković Rade (Guitar) and Tomislav Radinović Tomo (Guitar).

Jonathan - indie rock from Croatia


Experienced and seasoned musicianship sears out of the speakers as Jonathan deliver a refreshed and up-beat version of indie-rock. Although well produced and smartly delivered, there is none of the cynicism that lays within much of the music produced by many musicians with experience behind them, as the enthusiasm of a band newly out of the gates spills across the room.

The listener is left with compositions that spark a positive flow of energy through the head, as Jonathan, whilst not ignoring the realities of the world around don’t dwell on it, rather looking optimistically towards the future. That isn’t to say the quintet can’t deliver sounds with a more brooding presence, but even in those moments it is not an oppressive cloud as they find the glimmers of brightness shining through the darkness.

Were they not based in Croatia I am fairly certain Jonathan would have a far higher profile, as the music transcends geographic location while extending a catchy positivity to the audience. Their latest release, the twelve track – just under an hour long Bliss – (which is available on bandcamp) being a particular pleasure.

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