Mythic Sunship – Backyard Ritual (feat. Jonas Munk) – Audio

On the 5th the Copenhagen (Denmark) psychedelic quartet Emil Thorenfeldt, Frederik Denning, Kasper Andersen and Rasmus Christensen known as Mythic Sunship release the LP – Another Shape of Psychedelic Music.

Mythic Sunship

Mythic Sunship

An hour and a quarter of expanded hallucinogenic meanderings warp their way through the six track album (available via El Paraiso Records), an LP which does demand plenty of time to be able fully and usefully contemplate prior to going anywhere near the play button.

The compositions thread experimentalism with stacked layers of texturing to create an engrossing ambient journey of sound in to which the audience is invited to allow themselves to explore, in free-form, underused elements of the imagination.

The second track is Backyard Ritual – those who know the band will be struck, immediately, by the infusion of saxophone which enables Mythic Sunship to take their compositions in to even greater reaches than previous material.

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