Johnny Raincloud – White Noize (Snow On The TV) – Video

The US alt-rock trio Johnny Raincloud will be releasing the LP The Unexpected Death Of An Acrobat imminently.

Johnny Raincloud - White Noize (Snow On The TV)

Johnny Raincloud

The ten track album is most certainly one to grab hold of when it is released with a set of songs that have a more new wave feel than music of theirs previously featured.

Whilst, seemingly counterintuitively, the compositions are more free wheeling and relaxed than much of their back catalogue, resulting in sounding that they have a far more self-confident demeanour of a unit comfortably slotting in with each other.

The antepenultimate and only one I am able to feature at this stage is White Noize (Snow On The TV), though not my pick of the release is a fair gateway to The Unexpected Death Of An Acrobat.

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Johnny Raincloud – The Wolf In My Back Seat – Video

The US alt-rock project Johnny Raincloud releases the three track single Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear tomorrow.

Johnny Raincloud - photo credit - @funkycold_medina90

Johnny Raincloud – photo credit – @funkycold_medina90

Johnny Raincloud release a single that has a retro feel in the warm tones from which they strip away the extraneous leaving the listener engaged by the calmness of delivery. The varied texturing provides a velvety balance that the audience wants to dive in to headfirst and become cloaked by the intoxicating surfy melodies.

The closing track is The Wolf In My Back Seat.

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