Johnny Kills – Seems – Single Review

Yesterday the English garage-grunge trio, Johnny Kills, released the single Seems.

Johnny Kills - Seems

Johnny Kills

No, you haven’t got a fly buzzing inside your speakers it really is the coils of the sawing guitar introducing the track.

Rapidly building in to a fuller sound – Seems – is in some ways a distillation of their previous songs as it draws on many elements which were the pivots of earlier pieces to create a fusion of  their creative influences affording the track a familiarity, for those who know their music, with a fresh space of its own.

There is a grunge style welding of the emphasis of mid bar and slumping endings which affords the calmly paced composition its gloopiness while the expansive vocal, conversely, gives Seems a breezy zest making for a track that is an antidote to the daily grind of life.

Seems – Single – Johnny Kills is available on iTunes.*

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Johnny Kills – Who’s Counting? – Single Review

The English garage-surf band Johnny Kills released the single Who’s Counting? on the 4th.

Johnny Kills - photo credit - 66photography99

Johnny Kills – photo credit – 66photography99

With a fuzzier glow to it than previous material of theirs in Who’s Counting, Johnny Kills, deliver a track which is right on point here in England, where the sun is bright the day is lazy and all seems well with life, other than – lyrically – the track ponders the fraught fear of a new relationship, where it is easy to hang on every turn of phrase to find a hidden meaning of rejection that never was there in the first place. Paradoxically this juxtaposition of hazy summer days and introspective turmoil merely adds to the calming analogue feeling hum of the music in to which the listener lays back with nary a care to bask in the warmth.

Who’s Counting? – Single – Johnny Kills is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Johnny Kills – End Game – Single Review

Unlike the previous article on the English garage-rock trio Johnny Kills which was a tad late… within the past three hours End Game surfaced.

Johnny Kills - End Game

Johnny Kills

Scything across the room like a number two razor-cut End Game slices all in its way as it burrs through the room in flurry of activity. The sounds compress and expand between busy scissoring and tempered trimming as smartly sheared percussion interacts with hyperventilating guitar as the fused bass maintains a steady current through which the strangulated vocal shimmers in and out of sight.

Suitably aligned at just under three minutes in duration it is not in any way possible that I wouldn’t recommend you taking a moment out of your day to take a listen.

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Johnny Kills – Let’s Talk About Me – Single Review

Johnny Kills is an English garage-rock trio.

Johnny Kills

Johnny Kills

Another review I am late to get to, sorry…

…The sarcasm sears the ears akin to the tingle of Coleman’s English Mustard replacing a layer of butter on one side in a sandwich, whilst eyes stream due to the heat the taste-buds equally dance in delight in their latest track – Let’s Talk About Me (available on bandcamp).

The fuzzy guitar roar nuzzles away in to ever corner of the room like a demented robovac that is on a hefty trip of amphetamines as the axed drum kit sounds as though it is chasing over the stage with a bass that is slung to loosely holding pegs with vocal stretching delayed echo giving Let’s Talk About Me a need for an immediate replay even more loudly.

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