Sahara Breeze

Sahara Breeze is an indie-gaze trio from Cheltenham in England comprising Conal, Connor and Matt.

Sahara Breeze

Sahara Breeze

Why the image of four players you may well ponder… in a slight hiatus in their development the original drummer John is heading off to University, just at the moment they released their début eponymous EP – such is the life of many of the bands who feature on the site as you know – with change in personnel.

Rather than folding up the cases Sahara Breeze are working with session drummers whilst searching for a permanent replacement and judging by the four tracks I have been able to hear, this is a good thing for the world of music as potentially they have much to add.

Sahara Breeze are able to transpose reflections of ’60s mod with ’90s indie and add drips of magic mushroom tea to deliver music which revolves around a spindle. If you were looking for a band who should be putting out vinyl with purple inlays – these are the trio who produce music that works.

I am looking forward to future development of Sahara Breeze who, like a sirocco, streams across the room leaving sand abrasions on the walls.

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Still Flux

Still Flux is the indie-rock band comprising John (Vocals), Luke (Bass), Johnny (Guitar) and Dave (Drums) from Montreal in Canada.

Still Flux - indie-rock from Canada

Still Flux

Slamming together classic indie with classic rock along with a tab of psychedelia – Still Flux stomp themselves out a significant circle of potential audience and as importantly leave no section dissatisfied.

The voice could be drawn directly from ’70s Heavy Metal as it expresses through torn larynx the upper registers with a style that is immediately familiar and welcome. The Guitar holds a pivotal point in Still Flux as it threads through – ’90s Indie as it dances round the room in lightness to – rip roaring riffs that finds the audience reaching for air-guitar. The solidity of bass holds the distinct ideas together while the drums decide on the style to follow as they range from beating around the whole kit in ballooning rock formation to confining themsleves to snare and hi-hat.

With more emphasis evidently placed on the rock structures the quartet are able to provide a sound that is perfectly pitched to the cross-over market that will find the audience dancing fleet-footedly, while also reaching for the guitar.

Formed less than a year ago Still Flux have been able to release both a live LP and a Studio album along with establishing a touring presence across Canada and parts of the USA. If you like your Indie a little heavy or your heavy-metal a little light – this is a band to get to know now before the prices of live performances rocket and the tickets themselves become highly sought-after. Expect to hear more of Still Flux in a venue near you in the next few years, if there is any justice in the music industry.

Whilst their most recent Studio eponymous LP is a joy in itself there is an inevitably that I would select to share a track from the live LP – Live At The Blue Venus (both available on bandcamp).

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The Suns

Rock-a-billy from Chester in England – yes you read that right, welcome to Liam, Jono, Rutter, Dave and John who make up The Suns and put on your blue suede shoes before you go further.

The Suns - rock-a-billy from England

The Suns

Being a music reviewer is such fun some times and here I am dancing with the keyboard as I attempt to type, thank you The Suns. But aside from my own enthusiasm – why else am I am asking you to spend a moment with a band that is so retro that Dr. Who becomes redundant?

Inside the snappy swirling tunes are compositions which rebound to 2014 – even the sardonic introduction ‘please could you consider us for a listen. we are from england and we wear black’ tells us all we need to know. Sometimes music is just for the joy of it and The Suns don’t need lengthy pomposity as to how the bass hits a demanding C minor as the lead guitar reaches a clef of D major and wow it all sounds perfect at The Albert Hall.

Take it from me – switch to your dancing feet and just dance with vivacious joy wherever you are right now.

That isn’t to say that The Suns can’t hit a note and explore the far more serious to further enthral the audience.

From the retrograde references to Sun Records and a logo demanding of a 45 rpm on a juke-box which retains that reference point – I am a fan of it, thanks The Suns for doing what you do and yes I do really have a pair of blue brothel creepers and thanks for giving them a work-out as I finally settle back to the desk.

A couple of tunes to consider and if you don’t want these to be released on vinyl – I think you are reading the wrong website.


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Yard Duty

Yard Duty from Sydney in Australia is the garage rock trio of John, Zacc and Max.

Yard Duty - Garage Rock from Australia

Yard Duty

Painting their pictures by music, Yard Duty deliver Jackson Pollock with splashes of guitar that spray across the compositions, giving the music something of a freehand style. They are also able to turn up the volume and deliver distorted rock derived sounds. The unmistakeable vocal, half-spoken, plaintively calling out as though from the depths of the speakers works well, giving the lyric far more poignancy for the story being told.

The trio use the instrumentation intelligently with the percussion and guitars adding greatly to the atmosphere of the tracks enabling Yard Duty to deliver a sense of the poetic, providing barbs and context. Probably one of the most figurative garage rock sounds doing the rounds and it is a delight to come across the combinations, giving the trio a platform raised far above the general.

It is always a pleasure to come across a band who take a genre and turn it on it’s head to deliver something far better. Their début LP the eight track Mixed Business came out in September and I look forward to hearing a follow-up as Yard Duty potentially have much more to add to the world of music.


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The Hollow Bones

The Hollow Bones a garage rock band from Newtown in Australia is John (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Rik (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Harry (Drums).

The Hollow Bones - garage rock from Australia

The Hollow Bones

Wrapping 50’s rock and roll, hooking it up with ’70s new wave and serving it in the ’10s The Hollow Bones deliver fun and interest on a plate. Frothing with exuberance these three know how to work as a unit as the sounds bounce across each other in a frenzy of activity which enthuses the listener.  Frenetic percussion bursts thought the room accompanied by clouds of guitars over which lies a vocal which sits perfectly with the music.

Very much a band to see live, The Hollow Bones have a stretch of songs which are tucked away on their Facebook page, though worth digging to find if you are not able to see them live. Just don’t plan on putting your feet up when you hit play as this is a band to enjoy whilst flipping around the room to the infectious sounds. They have the official release for their debut single Hot Press on the 13th at Spectrum in Sydney.

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