ReVerbed – Promises – Video

The English indie-rock quartet ReVerbed first featured in 2013, sadly this will be their last feature on the site.

ReVerbed - Promises


These past couple of months have been littered with bands who have featured for a few years moving on to pastures new and sadly ReVerbed join the list with an announcement made yesterday and the reveal of a final video.

I wish Zoë, George, Josh and Joe all the best for the future.

Their final gig will be on the 18th of September at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton (England).

With a wry smile and sense of irony they have chosen Promises, from the LP Another Year, Still Here as their farewell video.

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Doodah Farm

Doodah Farm from Liverpool in England is the alt-rock-a-billy quartet of Stevie (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Mark (Bass), Joe (Ukulele) and Matt (Drums).

Doodah Farm - rock 'n' roll from England

Doodah Farm – rock ‘n’ roll from England

Electric-Blue suede brothel creepers make perfect sense with Doodah Farm as they combine folk with rock ‘n’ roll finding the listener with a broad smile and dancing feet. I am minded of The Nerve (the 70’s band) for the 21st Century as inside the bouncing pieces is a considered smartly observant lyric.

Skittering percussion is flecked with a softly spoken bass, which gives the sound a firm footing, allowing the acoustic instruments to swivel happily, creating a sound that is lots of fun to listen to as the quartet merge the light hearted with a considered reflective that coalesce in a formula that allows the audience to tap their feet whilst considering the layers.

About a year old, Doodah Farm is still finding a defined area of sound, as earlier pieces are more folk orientated, some replete with mouth-organ, than the most recent material. As a personal preference, it will come as no surprise to you that I enjoy the more energetic newer compositions, which combine both the considered with the scatter-gun spine which inevitably holds more interest to my ears and I also feel it gives them a more spacious singularity than the heavily Dylan referenced early sounds.

I look forward  to hearing more of Doodah Farm in short order.


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Tripwires from Reading in England is the psychedelic shoegaze quartet of Rhys, Joe, Ben and Sam Millionaire.

Tripwires - psychedelic shoegaze from England


As Tripwires mesmerically stream into the room, the listener has their mind expanded to capture the quantum of sounds which emerge. With a plethora of influences the quartet have tamed the tigers to provide the audience with music to unfurl their brain.

Whilst the tracks bustle with activity, it is almost as though the sounds are played in slow-motion, which gives the ears something of a sensory illusion, developing perceptible changes in the thinking processes as the tracks develop.  Whilst individual pieces are not overly long, the mind becomes so involved in the events occurring, that time stands still and much like a dream that only lasts a split second, the receiver is given the impression they have been hypnotised for many an hour.

Tripwires produce a sound that leaves the brain needing time to rebalance itself and is probably best not taken just before an important meeting, else others will get the impression you are tripping out. Any-time you are after some escapism, then the quartet is definitely to be added to the playlist.


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The Four Disorders

The Four Disorders, an alt-synth duo – Joe and Mi-Shan – are from London in England.

The Four Disorders - alt-synth from England

The Four Disorders

With only a couple of tunes to hear at present, The Four Disorders is a new band who produce music laden with luscious textures. The combinations of electronics and rumbling bass lazily roll around the room, whilst a vocal sets off the over-all sound, that captures the ears in its velvet glove.

There is a retrospective sound to the compositions, which are creatively written and performed, as the duo wrest maximum effect in their morose luxuriant, flowing songs.

Given The Four Disorders thus far fleeting existence, by the quality of the tracks currently so far available, this is a duo I look forward to hearing much more of during the course of the year.

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Japanese Fighting Fish

Japanese Fighting Fish is KarlostGarethPhil and Joe a London England  based alt-rock band.

Japanese Fighting Fish - alt rock from England

Japanese Fighting Fish

A well measured and paced sound is delivered by Japanese Fighting Fish and you immediately know this is an act with experienced musicians as they allow the power of the compositions to make the statement rather than attempting to add needless flourishes into the mix.

Percussion and bass seamlessly coexist laying the foundation for the pieces with the guitars laying on a scintillating wave of colour and the vocal brings the material together with a voice that, layered with gravel, suits the music to a tee. Whilst I enjoy the sounds I am left with a feeling that to some extent this is a band who are trying a bit too hard to be interesting and although the music sounds genuine there is a perception that threads through the music that they are not enjoying the music for its very originality and are seeking to deliver a ‘sound’. Their live performances may mitigate this sense, I couldn’t say. Don’t take that as a reason not to get involved, as you know, I like my music with the scuffed edges and I find it all a little too polished.

Having had the opportunity to listen to the new Japanese Fighting Fish ten track LP Day Bombs which is set for release on the 30th September I can confirm it is a fine body of work and well worth getting hold of when it comes out as the strength of the compositions and musical prowess nullifies my minor criticisms.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

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