The Passion Bearers

Earlier on this year a group of experienced musicians – Tom Rhyland (Vocals), Dan Buckland (Guitar), Joe Southin (Organ / Piano), Nick Mailing (Bass) and Matt Banham (Drums) got together to form the Home Counties, loosely pivoted around Bedford in England, based melancholic-rock outfit The Passion Bearers.

The Passion Bearers - melancholic-rock from England

The Passion Bearers

Like a drifting pall of fog The Passsion Bearers wrap the listener in an ethereal discombobulation.

The exemplary deployment of the keys to create the atmosphere, without taking over the mantelpiece, allows the quintet to produce music that resonates of turmoil, yet through the smartly composed and delivered constructs there is a vaguely burning candle to which the mind can fixate. A tumbling percussion bounces around in the background, giving the material a surprisingly spritely tilt, accompanied by a mesmeric droning bass, to which the guitar provides the narrative between the instrumental elements. Rounding off the sound is a gothic, half-spoken, ghostly vocal.

The Passion Bearers are a very welcome addition to the world of music and I look forward to getting to hear far more than the four tunes by which I have had the opportunity to be chilled.

Their début single The Hours is scheduled for official release on the 2nd of October and I am already hanging on the future releases by the quintet – A ‘must add to the collection’.


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