Firstborn – Naked & Exposed – Video

The Swedish indie-rock band Firstborn released the EP Naked & Exposed: Chapter I: Dividualism yesterday.

Firstborn - Naked & Exposed


The almost title track of the EP – Naked & Exposed which is the second of the five – is a natural extension and evolution to the sound of a band who first featured back in 2012.

Line-up changes with only the vocal and guitar of Marcus Carlzon and Joachim Ragnarsson respectively being part of the original quartet has seen the, sometimes quartet sometimes quintet, evolve from roots steeped in heavy-metal to their current fulcrum of a maturity of indie-rock without ever alienating the audience as the originating influences remain branded in to the essence of the songs.

Firstborn are currently on a six nation European tour, with another nine nights remaining, in support of the LP and if you are anywhere near, I recommend finding some time in your diary.

14th – The Cave, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

15th Sputnik Halle, Münster, Germany

16th 7er Club, Mannheim, Germany

17th Escape, Vienna, Austria

18th Voodoo Club, Warsaw, Poland

19th, Badehouse, Berlin, Germany

20th Music Club Jizak, Prague, Czech Republic

21st S8 Uunderground Club Budapest, Hungary

22nd Club Spectrum, Augsburg, Germany

Naked & Exposed: Chapter I: Dividualism – EP – Firstborn is available on iTunes.*

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