Desperate Journalist

Desperate Journalist from London in England is the indie rock quartet of Jo Bevan (Vocals), Simon Drowner (Bass), Rob Hardy (Guitar) and Caz Hellbent (Drums).

Desperate Journalist - alt rock from England

Desperate Journalist – Photo by Nick Thompson

Reminding me to an extent of The Slits, the music flows across the room in gentle waves of sound that gathers up the listener in rolling guitars. Relatively new, Desperate Journalist already have an EP behind them Cristina and a new two tracks being released as a single Organ out on the 11th November, they have started at a very high bar and look set fair to continue to develop both with their existing audience and ‘fans’ to be who haven’t come across their music yet and I would advise those who enjoy spacious textures to get to know the quartet in short order.

To merely reference Desperate Journalist as a ‘reminds me of’ band would be to serve them an injustice, as whilst there is much that is rooted in the late ’70s and early ’80s there is also a fluidity that speaks of the here and now. It would be easy to pick out the vocals as the defining memory of listening to the out-put, but that would to be to ignore delightfully composed songs in which all the players share an integral part in generating the atmosphere, as the guitar blends in out of the bass and percussion giving the music its intoxicating passion.

I look forward to hearing more of Desperate Journalist as they are without doubt a band who create sounds that add considerably to the world of music.


Cristina – EP – Desperate Journalist is available on iTunes*.

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