Jingo – The Art Of Loving – LP Review

The English band Jingo released their twelve track LP – The Art Of Loving today.

Jingo - The Art Of Loving - artwork

Jingo – The Art Of Loving – artwork

The release, which runs to just under an hour, opens with the rumbling textures of Black Flowers, which sets the album on a great course as Jingo display their ability to draw-out the innards of the track to deliver music which floods with emotional context.

Next is Sky Punch, which has a more space-rock feel as the keys come to the fore to the accompaniment of equally expressive guitar in a track in which the band demonstrate their abilities to develop multi-layered song-writing.

When You Want Me has a more menacing temperament as the percussion and bass drive through the track and is a piece I always enjoy coming back to hear again.

Belong To You finds Jingo rattling the speakers with a track that has a superb dynamic range as the voice and instruments showcase an impressive ability to create a scan of moods within the space of a few minutes.

The Art Of Loving is the title track –  a completely different movement – a short A cappella and serves as a demonstration of the theatrical versatility of the quartet.

Continuing the beguiling seemingly extemporaneous nature of Jingo is my pick of the release – Home -which is a delightful piece of music as the constituent parts are all given moments in the spotlight.

It is their ability to inject the compositions with a free-flowing ease of play that leaves the listener with the sense that this is absolutely fresh out of the box and penned for them personally, yet delivered with an understated practice and confidence – which keeps the tracks on the album alive, that makes the quartet a band with whom the audience can so readily relate.

Blue Wail reminded me somewhat of listening to music on a portable transistor radio, those who are of my vintage will recognise the similarity in the opening bars, before the track heads off to voluptuous off-beat rhythms.

Before You Were Born is another key led piece, in which the reminiscing wistfulness is a joy on the ears.

Demanding of pin-point vocal Jacyln finds the fingers hitting replay over and again.

Continuing with the rangy tracks of The Art Of Loving, Same Without You reveals another layer to Jingo. The piece is a soulful introspective number, that is steeped with emotive contemplation.

1q84 delivers punchy intonation which exposes the sounds bouncing across the room in an engaging echo of guitar and percussion.

Concluding the LP is Don’t Call It Love which appropriately, given the release, is another shift of idea, in an semi-acoustic dream-scape of spaciousness.

Jingo have used the release as an opportunity to demonstrate their versatility of sound which equally, despite the variations, doesn’t leave the audience feeling as-though they have been listening to a loose collection of singles, as there is a natural ebb and flow to the compositions included in The Art Of Loving which is available for purchase on bandcamp.

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Jingo based in London, England, is the alt-rock quartet of Katie Buckett (Vocals / Keys), Jack Buckett (Guitar / Vocals), Joseph Reeves (Drums) and Chris Smith (Bass / synths).

Jingo - alt-rock from England


Experienced musicians from previous bands Jingo is just over a year old and their previous time playing is immediately evident as the quartet have shaped quickly together. With a breadth of influences and geographic upbringing with in the band, their melodic compositions have an inclusive world music flavour, which is easy to ingest.

With the addition of the synthetics Jingo is able to infuse a warming cinnamon stick to the out-put that they don’t overplay and the material maintains a rock driven progression with the guitar interweaving betwixt the smoothing keys, whilst percussion and bass give a booming foundation to which the vocal, oft reflecting on human interaction with the natural order, is given a canvass on which to shine.

A début LP is in train which will raise the profile of Jingo and it would come as no surprise if they make a significant impact in the live circuit during the course of the summer.

A little to tidy for my everyday playlist, but certainly a band I will be adding to my evening summer party track selection.


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