Jingo – Sirens And Vices – Video

The English alt-rock band Jingo are set to release the LP Make Some Money, Buy Some Love on the 11th of March.

Jingo - Make Some Money, Buy Some Love - artwork

Jingo – Make Some Money, Buy Some Love – artwork

Within the past twenty hours the second of the ten tracks Sirens And Vices has been made available.

Jingo is a band who first featured back in 2014 and regularly since – their continued progression over the past three years is readily evident.

Those who have stayed with the the site for a while will recognise in the album reference points of similarity, whilst equally notice a more subtle finesse and confidence in their delivery as they allow themselves to take more time to shade the tracks, as, rather than revealing the complete shape in the early bars it isn’t until the songs are completed that their full perspective is apparent, giving the music a more organic flow in which the listener is engrossed as much in the segments as the final full picture.

I have had the fortune of having a listen to the approximately forty minute LP and can attest this is something to add to the catalogue when it becomes available.

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Jingo – Sweet Anne – Single Review

Jingo is an English alt-rock quartet who have featured fairly regularly over the past couple of years.

Jingo - Photo by Mike Genna

Jingo – Photo by Mike Genna

A slight change in line-up with a different drummer – Michael Hussain – the music remains inviting to everyone.

With apologies all-round, I come back to this a month after I was alerted to the latest track – Sweet Anne. When you find yourself comparing percussion to the two drummers of Adam And The Ants you just know this is a chappie in control of his sticks.

The rolling percussion lays a tarmacadam route for the jazzy guitar and the bass blushes – tamping as it progresses. As you will know I am always a great supporter of the low note strings – but even they have to play second fiddle to the skins on this occasion. The synths, whilst also aiming to blaze a trail find themselves a passenger and whilst vocal foils, it too nestles as a supporting act.

Don’t be fooled by the above that this is merely four and a half minutes of drum solo, far from it. As always Jingo are able to deliver an intricate weave of composition that the listener can say their body in vague time, or settle back and enjoy with heels on desk as they partake of an update of the fable of Little Red Riding Hood with its scathing commentary of the pack predatory nature of the ’10s.

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Jingo – Ghost In The Machine – Video

The English electro-rock band Jingo are planning to release their newest EP on the 25th of September.

Jingo - Ghost In The Machine - artwork

Jingo – Ghost In The Machine – artwork

From the forthcoming release their most space-rock sound to date, giving them a lighter feel than the more atmospheric style with they are more normally associated – a live version of the title track – Ghost In The Machine.

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Jingo – A.D.D. – Audio

Word arrives that the English electro-rock outfit Jingo has a new EP scheduled for release in September.

Jingo - Photo credit - Poley Luard

Jingo – Photo credit – Poley Luard

My apologies to you and Jingo, this has been languishing in my – need to get this featured – for a while now. From the forthcoming, as yet unnamed EP – A.D.D., which finds them in more fiery mood than much of that which has come before.

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