David Bierman Overdrive

David Bierman Overdrive from Detroit, Michigan, in the USA is the alt-indie quartet of David Bierman (Vocals / Guitar), Jim Faulkner (Drums), David Feeny (Pedal Steel /Organ), Stephen Palmer (Guitar) and Kevin Perri (Bass).

David Bierman Overdrive - alt-indie from the USA

David Bierman Overdrive

Reminding of the effervescent and confident challenges of The Tom Robinson BandDavid Bierman Overdrive brings together a schema of experienced musicians and rather than sounding like a jaded last hand offer sparkling bright champagne bubbles to skitter around the room with your partner.

Setting consternation to a rock-a-billy footstep, I can just tell that only two bands into full review mode for the year after the New Year Ninety of yesterday that 2015 is set to be a blinder.

David Bierman Overdrive have a well deserved confidence that doesn’t veer into arrogance as they bring grass-blues and UK new-wave together in an engagement with the second decade of the 21st Century.

A  blend of flat chords gives David Bierman Overdrive the footing to make a point of difference as the slackly tied skins of the drums echo across the room as conversely a gnarly bass bends over itself such is the tautness as the keys play in muted sympathy giving a third dimension to the sounds, whilst the vocal establishes the theme with a vituperation that gives the material the connection with the audience.


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