New Year Ninety 2018 – 10 to 2

Heading towards the number one spot on the 2018 New Year Ninety – The chart from 10 to 2.

| mellowtone | - New Year ninety 2018

| mellowtone |

10. From Gemini (Canada)

The eponymous EP is available on bandcamp.

9. Na’an Stop (USA)

Na’an Stop – Na’an Stop is available on iTunes.*

8. The Fill Ins (USA)

The Time Is Now is available on bandcamp.

7. Jesse Dean (USA)

Arkansas Amplifier is available on bandcamp.

6. The K’s (England)

5. Ghost State (USA)

4. Simon Dinwiddy (England)

Round the Bend – Single – Simon Dinwiddy is available on iTunes.*

3. | mellowtone | (Switzerland)

Broken Rooms – Mellowtone is available on iTunes.*

2. Bopek (The Philippines)

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Band of the Month – January 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The first month of 2017 draws to a close and time for the Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month for January.

Jesse Dean - Band Of The Month - January 2017

Jesse Dean

From the USA – Jesse Dean.

Arkansas Amplifier is available on bandcamp.

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Jesse Dean – (Get You) Outta My Head – Audio

The US Southern Blues creator Jesse Dean released the LP Arkansas Amplifier on the 7th.

Jesse Dean

Jesse Dean

A just under fifty minutes – eleven track album in which the listener can take off their shoes and lay with toes happily soaking in the breeze of Arkansas Amplifier (available on bandcamp) as the lightly textured combinations of whirling guitar and percussion travel betwixt each other, whilst keys and bass gently roll the lawn as an easy to engage vocal lounges across the ears.

Jesse Dean delivers a sound which would be easy to dismiss as music for an elevator, yet, underpinning the material are the layers of the compositions which in totality offer far more than is the case of the individual elements and worth the time to get to know.

A little lighter of shading than material I normally ask you to tarry with, though, I think the funky-hip swivels of the fifth track (Get You) Outta My Head may tempt you in to the concept of Jesse Dean.


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