Jekyll – Mania – Single Review

It was back in 2014 that the English alt-rock quartet Jekyll last featured.

Jekyll - Mania


Their latest single Mania was released on the 28th of September.

There is a scintillating tremble which shivers down the spine on hitting play as the ghostly architecture of the song appears through a dense cloud of fog as acoustic guitars marks the entrance of a track which presses through the room in an ever darker shadow as puddled bass and percussion tumble through the ears with electronic guitar blending in to soundtrack whilst overarching the composition is a vocal, which if it were the last sound ever heard in dying breath would make for a life well rounded.

I lamented, recently, of how too many people listen to music through tinny mobile phones and Mania is a prime example of why I raised such consternation – as without a full speaker set up and sub-woofer scattering the undertow there is no possibility of appreciating the layers of textures herein.

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Jekyll from Thornton-Cleveleys in England is the rock quartet of Joel Foster (Guitar), Jonny Chatterton (Guitar / Vocals), Lewis Armistead (Bass) and Liam Singleton (Drums).

Jekyll - rock from England


It was a pleasure when I alighted upon Jekyll with their blend of melodic rock. Reminding me of many earlier references, but sounding like none in particular, the quartet deliver sounds full of shifting dynamics with their melancholic perspectives. Though of reflective moods the quartet does not have the listener reaching for the razor-blade, rather, offering an empathetic hand to a troubled world as they reflect on the trials and tribulations of existence.

Jekyll play with the lower registers in away that gives the music a grandeur without pomposity as the demure style of delivery which dreamily wisps around the room in expansive chords. The duality of guitars drift lazily between one another allowing the band to create sounds which are more usually synthesised and evidence of their ability as musicians as well as song-writers to extract the most out of the gear at hand.

Currently gaining a local following I would expect to see more of Jekyll in short order to a wider audience.

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