Originally formed in Malta and now based in Sheffield – England, Jeffrey Zerafa (Guitar / Vocals), Kriz Zahra (Bass / Vocals) and Chris Mallia (Drums) make up the indie rock band Cable35.

Cable35 - Indie rock from England


On hitting play the listener is shipped far from either Malta or England, surfing up on West Coast USA beaches as the LA inspired garage rock streams into the room. Sublime use of the lower registers of the bass rebound around the room before the fused guitar and hammer and tong drums hurry it all forwards. The combination of the two vocals provides some well formed echoes and definition to the voice which otherwise could easily become lost in the frenetic activity.

As creditable musicians Cable35 are able to do more than merely make a noise, as hidden within the hive of activity are some well structured melodies which gives the music a purpose and direction and the whole imagery is well controlled, enabling the audience to grab hold of something of substance.

The old site was going through a bit of a hiatus when I was first sent details of their seven track LP – Fungus – which saw a supporting tour across the UK and a stop over in Malta, during the summer. From a more recent email exchange, I believe the band is organising another UK tour during October and November along with some new videos. Whichever way you are able to connect with Cable35, they are a great example of a band who take the straightforward and add considerably by being strong players of their instruments and decent songwriters.

I was reminded of a comment I heard by Barrington of Whitemoor – Spend your money on guitar tuners and rehearsal time before investing in elaborate stage bannersCable35 have invested their money wisely over the years and can comfortably now afford to start investing in Elaborate Stage Banners.


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