Jameth – Mr. Frog – Audio

The US jazz-hop musician James Craven who performs as Jameth released the LP Wacky-Fun yesterday.


A seven track album, which as it suggests on the tin doesn’t take itself too seriously, with mundane subjects being taken to an extremis parody of themselves, yet, within the eclectic mix of material lay one or two gems.

My selection of which is the antepenultimate song – Mr. Frog – an acerbic look at societal structures in which irrelevant differences are magnified into warring chasms while all quietly acquiescing to a mantra of inane platitudes.

There is no website or social media page to which I can link for more information.

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Will-Broad – Only Son – Audio

Panashe Wilbrod Pfunye is the Zimbabwean jazz-hop creator who performs as Will-Broad.



Having been drawn to creating music initially as an RnB writer Will-Broad quickly realised an affinity to harder edged electronica and heading towards hip-hop. Leading to the début single – Only Son – which surfaced earlier in the month and is influenced in style by African-jazz – and makes for a song that has a broad international resonance.


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Lil Xay – Oct. 24th, 4:33 PM – Audio

Lil Xay is a jazz-hop creator from the USA.

Lil Xay

Lil Xay

Regularly putting out material Lil Xay uses the ability to create music to bookmark daily life as others write diaries to notate theirs, resultingly new material emerges as anthologies fairly frequently, the most recent being LP being Feng Shui.

As longer stay readers of the site will know I am fully supportive of musicians who are prepared to throw out the bones of their existence for others to gnaw upon and Lil Xay is a prime example.

The first track of the ten on album is simply entitled at the time the annotation was initially processed – Oct. 24th, 4:33 PM.

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