New Year Ninety 2017 – 90 to 81

I wish you all the best for 2017.

The annual Readers Choice for the New Year Ninety Band Chart countdown starts now…

Betty Pulls A Fast One - New Year Ninety 2017

Betty Pulls A Fast One

90. Joe Probert (England)

Shake This Fate is available on Amazon.*

89. The Lower Echelon (USA)

Come To The Loud is available on bandcamp.

88. The Amazing Devil (England)

Love Run is available on bandcamp.

87. Blind Beggar (Wales)

86. Betty Pulls A Fast One (England)

85. The Echo Session (Scotland)

Tell Me is available on bandcamp.

84. Sloes (England)

Chasing Tails is available on Amazon.*

83. Amy’s Arms (Canada)

My Dear Violet is available on bandcamp

82. Hitherside (based in Belgium)

81. Javier Martinez (USA)

Honesty is available on bandcamp.

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Javier Martinez – Cherries – Audio

The US melancholic-acoustic-rock creator Javier Martinez released the LP Honesty on the 5th.

Javier Martinez - Photo by PAPA JOE - El Paso Entertainment Photography

Javier Martinez – Photo by  PAPA JOE – El Paso Entertainment Photography

Not music to take out to a wedding party, Javier Martinez releases music that has a sense of desperate loneliness and fragile relationships.

The appropriately named Honesty (available on bandcamp) digs deep into insecurities and offers them to the listener for inspection. The audience however is not left with a sense of self-pity as despite the consternation there is a steely determination and belief that the trials and tribulations of life are an intrinsic part of its journey.

Regularly to be found playing in and around his local environs where he performs with a fuller line-up to more closely replicate recordings

Introducing various templates through the six track album from folksy-blues to punchier rock there is plenty for everyone to find engaging and my pick of the release is the second number – Cherries.


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