Jathon Delsy – The Will – Video

The English electro-rock creator Jathon Delsey is someone I could feature pretty well every week such is the frequency of output – though as regular readers know musicians are never featured more than once every couple of months – other than in the New Year Ninety and the two Bands of the Month, one by the Editor the other selected by the readers (no you can’t vote) that and the New Year Ninety are calculated through an algorithm of six different logarithms.

Jathon Delsy - The Will

Jathon Delsy

The newest track to surface is of far darker countenance than much of his material, as well as lasting far longer than his more normal of between three and four minutes with The Will running to in excess of seven minutes.

A musician it is always a delight to come back to showcase.

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Jathon Delsy – For Real – Video

Jathon Delsy is a prolific electro-rock creator from England.

Jathon Delsy

Jathon Delsy

For over a year I have meant to come back to feature a track, though for reasons I am unable to fathom – never have quite managed to get round to it, until now.

A musician I always enjoy for the joie-de-vivre and by way of a belated introduction – For Real.

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