Jared Dymbort – My Echo Chamber – Audio

The US alt-rock project of Jared Dymbort released the EP Feel Things on the 18th.

Jared Dymbort - Feel Things - artwork

Jared Dymbort – Feel Things – artwork

With a different texture to material previous featured the five track EP (available on bandcamp) is less pacey which gives the music a more playful mood and although songs are all less than three minutes long, with the whole release lasting less than fourteen minutes they seem to have unlocked the key to making time stand still as they have a spacious feel that allows much to be included in to a short space of time disporting a surprising breadth of instrumentation and layering without ever sounding overladen.

The second track is My Echo Chamber.

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Jared Dymbort – Man In Space – Video

Jared Dymbort from the USA is – amongst others of his projects – an electro-billy creator.

Jared Dymbort - If & When - artwork

Jared Dymbort – If & When – artwork

My apologies to everyone. This has been sitting in my inbox for a while now, along with reminders, finally I have arrived.

Juggle up the volume – scatter the furniture – pull on some dayglo socks – lace up a pair of red brothel-creepers and – jive.

Released on the 22nd Of September was the five track EP If & When (available on bandcamp).

The opening number Man In Space is a decent indicator to the highly enjoyable fusion of space-gaze and rock-a-billy in the fascinatingly, simultaneously, futuristic and retro – approximately thirteen minute release.


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