Andrew Riley – R.P.G. – Audio

The US triphop creator Andrew Riley released the LP Adrift on the 18th.

Andrew Riley - Adrift - artwork

Andrew Riley – Adrift – artwork

A collaborative album (available on bandcamp) with each of the tracks featuring one of the Japanese vocalists まりか (Marika),  ケイコ ヨシムラ (Keiko Yoshimura) or the US singer Ami, barring the sixth and penultimate tracks.

The immersive, approximately forty two minutes, ten songs on the LP finds the mind completely absorbed in the downtempo ambient warmth of the intangible beauty of the combinations of molten electronica, strings, keys and haunting voices – with time passing unnoticed.

My selection from the album being the fourth – R.P.G. which features ケイコ ヨシムラ.

Andrew Rileysocial media page


Amisocial media page

ケイコ ヨシムラwebsite

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3×6 – Sacrifice – Audio

The Japanese DnB producer 3X6 released the single Sacrifice on the 27th of July.



A three track single (available on bandcamp) which fill the room with a dark throbbing industrial presence in to which the listener entrusts their very being, losing sense of time and space in the enveloping roughly eighteen minutes of psytrance.

The closer is the title track – Sacrifice.

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ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) – デラシネ (Derachine) – Video

ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) is a Japanese EDM creator.



The most recent reveal to surface being a live version of デラシネ (Derachine) recorded at the 14th Tokyo International Music Market.

Regularly to be found playing at packed events throughout Japan where prerecordings and live versions of tracks which are delivered to enthusiastic audiences.


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Caramel Ship – Relation – Audio

The USA and Japan split softwave duo Caramel Ship release the LP Marjoram on the 10th.

Caramel Ship

Caramel Ship

There is a graceful turn of mood which filters in to the room on hitting play to the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) as the gentle brushes of drum loops flow in slightly different revolution to the underlying electronica giving the output a slightly glitch feel while the measured vocals deftly wield a silk sheen to the compositions affording the songs a rumpled massage in which the listener wants to scrub their spinal column whilst exhaling in pleasured breath.

The penultimate track is Relation.


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Sourin – Kusaikire / 草いきれ – Audio

Sourin is the ambient-idm project of the Japanese music creator Tomoya Shiono.



Creating music which is of extended duration with many songs running to over eight minutes, the intricate development in the compositions ensures that the tracks are not filled with extraneous concepts, rather bodies of work in which the listener becomes fully absorbed.

The closing track on the recent five track EP Kakyou – 佳境 (available on bandcamp) is the seven minutes and twenty seconds of Kusaikire / 草いきれ, which is also the sprightliest on the release with a drum-kit chasing along the bass-loop and the jazz tinctured keys giving the sense of a journey through space.


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