James Poole – I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else – Single Review

James Poole is an electro-rock project from England.

James Poole

James Poole

Reflective of the veneer of the reality of pixel connectivity in the ’10s I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else commences with a sincerity of flecked guitar prior to alighting upon the reality of the tenuous nature of a world burying heads in smart-phones to catch up with the ‘latest fad’ whilst ignoring those in physical proximity.

As those who are of longer stay will know I have an ever present predilection for the prescient whilst little regard for autotune, yet, I’ve Started Fuckin Someone Else is able to encapsulate both narratives in a song that suitably wraps its fingers, aurally, around the vacuity of the desire for ‘popularity’ at the expense of authenticity and a song that serves as historical reference point for future generations of ‘life in the ’10s – the era of insecure selfishness’.

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