Fort Lean

Fort Lean from New York in the USA is the alt-rock quintet of Jake AronZach FriedKeenan MitchellWill Runge and Sam Ubl.

Fort Lean - alt-rock from the USA

Fort Lean

Equally able to compose tracks of fulminating temper and considered thought, Fort Lean is a band who have much to offer an audience. There is an inclusive sound to the material which scores across the room as the players give each other the space to develop their themes, resulting in music which has an orchestrated feel, though despite this, doesn’t leave listener feeling they have been soft-soaped.

I get the sense that this is a band best seen live as although there is much to garner from recorded pieces, they do sound as though someone has spent considerable time glass-papering the edges and it won’t be until October the 2nd that their début LP – Quiet Day will be released – four years after they started.

Whilst the live material just makes you want to rip away the surroundings, the Mastered tracks have you reaching for a duster and furniture polish, which is a shame as inside it all Fort Lean have much to offer the world of music, if only their Management Team stopped advising them so badly.

From the forthcoming album a live version of New Hobbies.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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