Fat Heaven

Fat Heaven is the new-wave trio of TravisdogGaylacat and Jack from New York in the USA.

Fat Heaven - eponymous EP - vinyl

Fat Heaven – eponymous EP – vinyl

Time to lace-up the 14-hole DMs, the only sadness being an apology that it has taken me since October to get to Fat Heaven. Big-cat claws of percussion fire out of the speakers in raging fury, accompanied by mewling guitar and ill-tempered bass whilst the vocal adds the sneering contempt.

It would not be remiss to draw references to The Ramones as Fat Heaven eschew the pop theatrics that beset many US bands working in this sphere. The trio attempt no concession to radio-play, preferring to gouge out their own direction of travel without interruption and as you would anticipate I can’t help but recommend you spend time in their company.

Fat Heaven scrawl wide blood stained chalk marks across the room as knuckles are bared to fretboard in frenzies of chords. If you were wondering what you could pogo to from the material of the ’10s this a band you need to add to your playlist.

The only positive side to my lengthy delay in getting round to Fat Heaven is that in the intervening period an eponymous EP has surfaced.  Play it loud, then louder still – thank you Travisdog, Gaylacat and Jack – you have made the year seem so much better than it was.

Those of – oft fused with a hot knife DM soles to keep in that air – will know precisely why I chose to use Roxy to share with its subliminal reference to the iconic Covent Garden venue.

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Galvarino from Los Angeles in the USA is the rock trio of Grady (Guitar / Vocals), Dusty (Bass) and Jack (Drums).

Galvarino - photo by Chris Knific

Galvarino – photo by Chris Knific

The way to get the best out of Galvarino is to set your speakers as high as they will go – kick them to get an extra boost as the scrummaging sounds of the trio scamper around the room.

Fusing brash percussion and bass with festering guitars Galvarino find the audience quickly caught up in movement as rock-a-billy meets heavy duty 1980’s British Rock fused with Americana, yet it doesn’t sound like a retrospective step backwards, rather a refreshing tumult of well worn leather jacket and newly minted frolics. The trio is able to invest into the audience a sense of togetherness in a whirl-wind of rock-n-roll.

The band has languished behind their ability since inception a couple of years ago as they have concentrated on local live performance, sadly neglecting the wider audience, which has perhaps held them back. Of positive news I am led to understand that plans are afoot for an LP later this year which may give those of us not in Los Angeles an opportunity to hear more.

Once I have additions to report – be assured I will let you know as I do enjoy Galvarino and am sure you will too.

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks from Chicago in the USA is the garage rock quartet of Cadien, Clay, Connor and Jack.

Twin Peaks - Garage Rock from the USA

Twin Peaks

There is an intriguing sound that wends it’s way to the ears on listening to Twin Peaks. Influences from ’70s English blues rock intermingle with USA ’80s new wave and a dash of 60’s psychedelia, resulting in the audience being provided with powerful under-tows of guitar driven rock.

An already established fan-base will no doubt find the ranks further swollen with the release of their most recent sixteen track LP – Wild Onion which came out on the 5th of this month.

The quartet play with assured confidence which enables them to concentrate of performance, not technique and this allows Twin Peaks to make most of the well structured compositions. Whilst they have developed a smoother and more rounded sound than is normally found in the genre, they have not steered away from their roots and bubbling away inside the tracks are the gruffer seams, which give the band the ability to attract audiences both with and without an affinity to garage rock. Given the nature of the influences drawn by the song-writers the music equally transcends geography.

If there is justice in the music industry – Twin Peaks is a band you will hear much more of in the none too distant future.


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