Spires, from Brooklyn in the USA is the psychedelic-garage quartet of Matt StevensonJack CollinsMichael Goodman and Carter McNeil.

Spires - psychedelic-garage from the USA


Combining elements of ’60s psychedelia with garage rock Spires is able to condense the sound to deliver music that is immediately in furrow. Without loosing the untraceable fluid echoes of psychotropia, the quartet is also able to iron out the extraneous, providing the audience with slices of creativity that not only float off into eddies of disappearing tendrils, but also have a sense of direction.

Spires allow themselves enough time and spacing to permit the compositions to curl around the listener, wrapping them in silky textures, whilst affording those of more tempestuous nature to find plenty of angles and diversions to keep them entertained.

Three years into the journey Spires have been halted by various line-up changes, that has found stuttering progression. One can only hope that the current line-up gives the creative juices sufficient stability to gain traction. Given a wider spread of geographic performance arenas, this seems to be a distinct possibility, time will tell.

I look forward to following the progress of the quartet as imaginatively there is much to add to the world of music.

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