Green Gardens – I’ve Wanted – Single Review

The English luxe-gaze quartet Green Gardens released the single I’ve Wanted on the 30th of March.

Green Gardens

Green Gardens

Like stepping on to a deep-pile carpet strewn with rose petals Green Gardens have, in I’ve Wanted (available on bandcamp), a piece of music that nestles between the toes and radiates a palpable warmth which spreads through the body.

The retrospective, analogue effect, of I’ve Wanted is delivered in a hushed and unhurried flow of interweaving guitars with a well pitched vocal popping in and out of spotlight as percussion and bass too, jostle for the limelight – which though that sounds as if it can’t possibly work as a concept, is actually the core strength of the creativity as the counterpoints of the elements form the sturdy framework on which the music builds its rich tapestry.


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