Nocturnal Sunshine – It’s Alright – Video

Nocturnal Sunshine is the vehicle for the English creator Maya Jane Cole to deliver brooding-synth.

Nocturnal Sunshine - eponymous LP - artwork

Nocturnal Sunshine – eponymous LP – artwork

From the eponymous LP It’s Alright is the third of the dozen tracks.

The grumbling synth and growling eddies of the dubstep belie a track in which Nocturnal Sunshine shines a faint ray of hope and light in a blur of tortured spirit. Although lasting just over three and a half minutes It’s Alright seems to be over before it has started and the listener is wishing the superlative mix of electronics and vocal were to extend far longer as the hypnotic beat weaves deep into the mind.


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The Britanys

The Britanys from New York in the USA is the garage rock trio of Lucas Long (Guitar / Vocals), Steele Kratt (Drums) and Gabe Schulman (Bass).

The Britanys - garage rock from the USA

The Britanys

Malcontent breathes its way through the room as the lo-fi production of The Britanys gives the material a fuzzy fury, which finds the listener empathising. There are moments in time when you come across an outfit you really hope is going to churn out music daily as it makes life seem better and this trio is one of those moments.

Of sadness, I have only been able to find five tracks to listen to, as The Britanys is quite new out of the starting gate, but what has appeared so far is most certainly on my play on-loop playlist.

The Britanys have already demonstrated, in their short catalogue of music, that they are able to deliver raging fury as well as gravelly melancholia. Percussion is given sharp clarity to which cymbals continually shatter the sharp tie of the skins. The bass rumbles around akin to a vexatious litigant giving the material its defining sound, whilst the guitar is led from echoey distortion to rock ‘n’ roll chords, through which the band is able to deliver the various flavours of sound and the vocal holds the ears in attention as it evokes a thread of gnarly emotion, in a manner which reminds of a cat stalking its prey.

As I have already mentioned I am already looking forward to the next track and word has it that a more substantive release is in the wings to be introduced by one off pieces, the most recent being It’s What It Is.

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