itneverhappened – the drive – Audio

The Swedish indie-gaze creator itneverhappened revealed a new track within the past few hours.

itneverhappened - The Drive


the drive – features Kim Schulke on vocals, given the eclectic range of material revealed by itneverhappened, with each piece being completely different in sound and style to each other, should come as no surprise that a new idea would be countenanced.

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itneverhappened – hit the heart – Audio

The Swedish experimental-instrumentalist project itneverhappened released an eponymous LP yesterday.

itneverhappened - hit the heart


The roughly twenty seven minute ten track album (available on bandcamp) keeps the listener fully engaged as the shifting patterns flow through the room. No track is longer than a three and a half minutes with most running at around two and a half minutes, with each piece creating something very different.

The third track – hit the heart, which is also the briefest –  being my pick of the release.

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itneverhappened – Coasts – Audio

itneverhappened is an ambient-experimentalist from Sweden.

itneverhappened - Coasts


For most musicians a gap of four months between new tracks is nothing unusual, for itneverhappened it is a lengthy delay.

The latest track – the 81st Coasts, started a while ago and only just finished, was made available a few hours ago – a weaving lace of guitar and bass.

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Itneverhappened – Ricochet – Audio

Itneverhappened is a Swedish existential-electronica project.



Songs frequently turn up by Itneverhappened and the eightieth, which was made available last week is the sublime Ricochet – which dies exactly what it says on the tin. Posited currently as a possibility on a forthcoming LP, the listener has the feeling they are the ball in a pin-ball machine as buffers, swipes and flashing lights hurtle past.

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