Mikey and the Scallywags

Mikey And The Scallywags is the Celtic rock line up of Mikey McCrory (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Alan Gosker (Tenor Banjo / Backing Vocals), Bri Gosker (Drums / Backing Vocals), Paulie Smalls (Double Bass), Juliana Erkkonen (Fiddle) and Ivan Coleman (Keys) from Galway in Ireland.

Mikey And The Scallywags - rock-a-billy from Ireland

Mikey And The Scallywags

There are times when pure fun with music is exactly what the ears need to hear and Mikey And The Scallywags hit the sweet-spot, whilst equally they are able to turn on a more sombre mood. Before you hit play, stand up, raise your foot and – join in with the foot stomping sounds that just makes the day seem better than it was before you started in whichever frame you meet them.

Mikey And The Scallywags proffer music which resonates across the semblance of Irish Folk, ever looking on the bright-side no matter how dark the context and the sextet are equally able to down-tempo the mood, but as long as you find a fiddle amidst it all, there is still something to dance to. Inside the fun sounds lay an outfit with tracks which harken to the darker side of life, which they carry off with a lilting ironic smile maintaining a shuffle in the audience.

Where Mikey And The Scallywags shine brightest is when they up the tempo and let the audience bop to the beats as they flaunt across the scales. Where they have deepest resonance is when they allow the audience to consider the story-lines whilst stomping across the dance-floor with more considered compositions, such is the underlying strength of the material.


Living in the Light – EP – Mikey & the Scallywags is available on iTunes*

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Clockwork Noise

Clockwork Noise an alt-rock band from Dublin in Ireland is Robert Maguire  (Vocals / Guitar / Soundscapes / Samples), Blathnaid Healy (Violin / Cello / Vocals), Dylan Nolan (Bass / Synth / Vocals), Chris O’Connor (Guitar / Vocals / Trombone / Synth) and Michael Fenton (Drums / Vocals / Percussion / Organ).

Clockwork Noise - alt-rock from Eire

Clockwork Noise

The combinations of instruments and electronics enable Clockwork Noise to experiment with various ideas. Tempting as it may have been, rather than thrown the whole lot into the pot, the quintet deliver softly spoken compositions which take full value of the various sounds on offer.

Whilst there is a little bit of everything in the resulting out-put the band doesn’t make it a confusion for the audience as underlying the central pillar is a rock driven sound which is softened by the landscape of instrumentation that surrounds the music. Of particular delight is when strings and electronics weave through the sounds giving the listener a sense of the traditional and modernistic combining in delightful harmony.

Having taken themselves largely out of the live circuit whilst they recorded their debut nine track LP Whethermachines which came out earlier this year it will be interesting to see if Clockwork Noise aim to restore a touring presence, transferring the studio sounds to the stage.


Whethermachines – Clockwork Noise is available on iTunes*.

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Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane is Danda (Guitar / Vocals),  Ruairi Paxton (Bass), Donagh O’Brien (Drums), Neil Paxton (Keys / Guitars / Vocals) and Conor Paxton (Guitar) a psychedelic rock band from Dublin in Ireland.

Sweet Jane - rock from Eire

Sweet Jane

You are left with the feeling Sweet Jane is the music that Hawkwind would have put together had they had a tighter reign. There is a potent chameleonic wave of tempos and sounds that drift lazily across the room, billowing progressively, to create music that completely wraps the head in its various textures.

Whilst the music is multi-layered with a range of sounds meeting the ears, it is not confusing, allowing the listener to relate to the out-put and become involved. Sweet Jane is a group of well versed musicians who handle their compositions gently, allowing the widely spaced refrains plenty of time to express themselves before blending in the next phrase, which gives the tracks fluidity and creating the over all effect of music that is emerging from smoke.

It was a few months ago that Dan, from the independent label Reekus Records, also based in Dublin, made contact, but this occasion, the slow progression from email to review suits the music well and I look forward to spending time in the future held by the soft embrace of Sweet Jane.


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