President Of What? – YELLOW – Audio

The Irish emo duo President Of What? released the LP And What If After I’m Gone None of It Matters? on the 20th.

President Of What? - YELLOW

President Of What?

Frequently featured since their introduction in January of last year, in common with the disparate nature of the music in those articles, the fourteen tracks on the album (which is available on bandcamp) are also of differing tempo, instrumentation and atmosphere – held together by a commonality of taking a jaundiced glance at what are perceived as social and inter-relational norms from a different angle and thereby casting a very different light.

YELLOW is the penultimate song.

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Transmission Club – The Porcupine Dilemma – Audio

The Irish darkwave sextet Transmission Club released the three track single The Hour Of The Wolf on the 13th.

Transmission Club - photo credit - Shane J Horan Photography

Transmission Club – photo credit – Shane J Horan Photography

The compelling sadcore melodies pall brooding shadows through the room in the approximately sixteen minutes release (available on bandcamp) which hold the audience in ethereal embrace.

The flow of violin and electronica enables the music to inflect the haunting beauty of the omnipresent melancholia which is filtered through the harmonies of voice. The softened guitars layer the changing shapes of sound while the subdued percussion and bass form an unobtrusive though firm framework for the compositions.

The closing track is The Porcupine Dilemma.

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The Kerbs – Creep – Single Review

The Irish alternative rock quartet The Kerbs released the single Creep today.

The Kerbs

The Kerbs

Formed less than a year ago The Kerbs have left the starting blocks at a fair old pace and thus far have managed to reveal two previous singles as well as start to establish a live performance circuit, with plans for a five track EP later in the year. Having had the opportunity to wander through the three songs I am looking forward to hearing much more from these able musicians and recommend adding them to your playlist.

Creep has a sultry South American dance rhythm that melts into the heart of the listener while the combinations of the two six string guitars, one semi-acoustic the other electric, form a mesmeric romantic layering as the bass pops in and out of focus akin to a lighthouse beam whilst a rich vocal lays the room with a luxurious thick carpet in which to sink the toes and although the composition and narrative is of vulnerability after rejection – the audience is left feeling far from rejected, rather brimming with the self-confidence and bathed in the warm glow of a flirtatious glance.

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Creep – Single – The Kerbs is available on iTunes.*

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President of What? – POSTERBOY – Audio

The Irish angst-rock duo President Of What? are finalising details for the LP And What If After I’m Gone None of It Matters?.

President of What? - POSTERBOY

President of What?

The latest track POSTERBOY, released yesterday and available on bandcamp, continues their knack of taking questions that cause personal anxiety and creating a quirky response. POSTERBOY is a song that revolves around the thoughts of a band member being overshadowed by the vocalist.

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President of What? – TRAILERPARK – Audio

The Irish angst-rock duo President of What? released the single TRAILERPARK on the 6th.

President of What? - TRAILERPARK

President of What?

Turning their attention to another aspect of life President Of What? take their tongue in cheek sharp scissors to the subject of marijuana which they lay to a backdrop of urban rap – giving the song an even greater sense of their cynicism of the perspective taken by many bureaucrats with the hyperbole and hysteria surrounding the smoking of weed.

TRAILERPARK is available on bandcamp.

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